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Our Mission

It is the vision of Innovations Rehabilitation, S.C. to provide high quality Physical and Occupational Therapy services to all of our customers based upon a system of Christian Principles and Values.  These include: honesty, integrity, fairness, human dignity, service, quality, growth, potential, patience, nurturance, encouragement, and trust.

It is our belief that prosperity and effectiveness for owners, managers, employees, and customers begin with honesty and loyalty as the guiding principles in relationship building.  One’s word is the cornerstone of that relationship and the Handshake is the gesture that embodies the values of this belief.  It is our objective to coach and nurture the power of faith within our organization to maximize the potential of ourselves, our employees, and our customers.

Innovations Rehabilitation, S.C. is committed to achieving growth and expansion by empowering ourselves and our most valuable assets, our employees, to realize the God-given talents and potential.

The purpose of Innovations Rehabilitation, S.C. is to profitably and professionally provide…

  • The highest quality service to all of our customers in abundance over their entire life span.
  • Highly trained and competent staff that achieve the highest level of outcomes for all of our customers.
  • The highest quality educational services to all of our customers.
  • Excellent communication lines with all of our customers that are effective and convenient.
  • Highly effective treatments that enable each customer to achieve their maximum potential while treating the customer as a unique and important individual.
  • A well managed company of complete therapy services for Sparta and the surrounding communities that practices excellent leadership and management….

…while creating an organization that nurtures, supports, and rewards all of its personnel for their contributions.

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Innovations Rehabilitation
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