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“I’ve had physical therapy after a total knee replacement, for an equilibrium problem and for my right shoulder rotator cuff with locating and reattaching the two tendons, also reattaching the bicep. Each time I have used the physical therapists at Innovations Rehabilitation, I’ve been super pleased about the results. They have helped me return to basically 100%, or very close to it, each time. Plus the exercises they gave me to do at home, I’m still doing.

I am happy to tell people who are thinking of physical therapy to go to Innovations Rehabilitation. I’m always telling folks that they’re super! If ever I need any more physical therapy, I will only go to Innovations Rehabilitation.”

— Deborahlee W.

“I would like to thank my doctor for sending me to Innovations Rehabilitation for my yearly ‘tune-up’.  It helps me so much when I can have my muscles loosened each year as a result of my fibromyalgia. True to their name, Innovations Rehabilitation is always introducing something new. This was the first time they treated me with trigger point dry needling once a week, followed later in the week with myofascial releases.  The combination of the two worked wonders for me.  Releasing my myofascial trigger points have lowered my pain so much in my neck, lower back, and right and left hips — it’s totally amazing.  It allowed the myofacial releases to go deeper and free the tightness.

I can turn my head easily again, my posture has improved and I can walk and go up and down stairs with ease.  Once again, thanks to Bob and the crew at Innovations, I can do the things I cherish most of life.  You are my heroes!”

— Lois M. Miller

“I began therapy with a lot of pain in my hip and stress in my legs and lower back. I went to my weekly and bi-weekly sessions with Innovations Rehabilitation and feel better than I have in years.  I run every day and, by completing my physical therapy, I do not have any more pain and have improved my stride and posture.

I am extremely pleased with the services received at Innovations Rehabilitation and recommend them highly.”

— Heidi Kelly

“How many people do you know that are injured by getting catapulted off a treadmill and at warp speed?  Not many?  I did know any either until I was the one to accomplish this feat.  Once on the floor, I realized that I could not move my right shoulder and there was extreme pain.  The first visit to the hospital proved I had a major problem: I had a proximal fracture of the right humerus.  Not to humorous, especially when your dominant arm/shoulder is out of use.  This meant no driving and very limited ability to do daily tasks such as combing hair, getting dressed, cooking, eating, etc.

I had intensive physical therapy at Innovations Rehabilitation once I was able to have my arm moved.  Physical therapy is part torture and part psychology.  The skilled physical therapist knows how far to push the patient and how to encourage the patient.  Fortunately, I was in the care of very competent therapists that knew exactly what they were doing.  It is not an easy process to have extended therapy and depend on another person to help overcome such an extreme challenge. When starting the recovery process, there were no guarantees, so I needed to trust and rely on the experience of the therapists.  I always felt that I was encouraged to continue and to see the improvements in mobility and strength.

It is so important to have a facility like Innovations Rehabilitation here in Sparta.  I can get high quality care and be able to schedule convenient appointments.  I have made a full recovery, possibly better than doctors anticipated.  I owe this improvement to the staff at Innovations Rehabilitation.  I do not take my shoulder for granted.  I am busy and active, thinking how lucky I am to be able to make such a recovery.  THANKS!”

— Krista Sherim

“The one word that comes to mind when I think of Innovations Rehabilitation is ‘family’.  Every staff member took a genuine interest in me and made me feel like I belonged there. It doesn’t matter which therapist worked on me.  Every one of them treated me well, listened attentively, and worked very hard to get my pain under control and my body moving again.

I went to Innovations Rehabilitation after a hip replacement and knee replacement. Never once did I feel I was competing with anyone else there with the same surgery to be at their range of movement.  Instead, the therapists all treated me as an individual and helped me make daily progress for my body.  I know it’s hard to find a place where you feel so comfortable going through painful recovery, so that is why I’ll go out of my way to make Innovations Rehabilitation my choice in the future.”

— Nancy Schaitel

“The experience I had with Innovations Rehabilitation was very successful.  I originally injured my knee about 15 years ago.  Then, recently, I injured it again, just by running into a metal stool.  I suffered off and on until I could not stand it any longer.  It was starting to affect other body parts like my back, hips, etc.

My chiropractor recommended I see a doctor at Gundersen Lutheran.  After X-rays and an evaluation, the doctor recommended physical therapy.  Our nearest facility was Innovations Rehabilitation in Sparta.  The therapist preformed a procedure called Needling, a deep stimulation procedure.  Not knowing what to expect, I put my care in his hands.  He talked me through the technique he would be using and I agreed to proceed with it.

With the Needling, massage and various exercises, in a matter of eight sessions I had very little pain.  Now, I can walk straighter than before and I can kneel on the knee with very little pain.  Overall, my leg is stronger.

The facility his bright, spacious, well maintained, with state of the art equipment.  Their technique is excellent. I would recommend Innovations Rehabilitation to any one in need of this type of treatment.  I believe this type of therapy should be recommended by more doctors before considering surgery.”

— Nancy L. Sietz

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